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How to Handle Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block or Blank Page Syndrome, it’s normal to most writers. Whether a freelance writer, content, novelist or a blogger. Same effect, it’s a warning to take a rest.



Five tips to fight Blank Page Syndrome.

1.Take a break: It affects all of us. When it happens it a sign you are working tirelessly and your brain needs to rest and you too. So rest. Chill love it’s all going to be alright. I do  a lot. I most times would even go way to much about it and play. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube I will literally spend hours on them and I am always marveled to get some insights and inspiration to write. Am a cool writer.

2. Change Environment:
  Let yourself breathe. Need sometime in new area, breeze. Change the door and go out. Walk and take a stroll. Whenever I go out for conferences or seminars, probably the privilege to speak at the program. And at some point I get carried away with ideas and points. I will instantly go out. Take some fresh air, hydrate some more and come back inside. It’s just so simple. Our mind is racing every second of the day.

3. Remove distraction: Sometimes I will be like, let me listen to soft songs I will see inspiration. Well, isn’t much help. Remove the thought let your mind think on its own now. Distraction is anything but sleep. I am unfortunately not able to sleep during the day. So I will basically to my mind. I do talk to myself that’s the truth. We all do. I guess mine is normal too. Those musics you think will aid are just affecting your thoughts. Let it sleep.

4. Get healthy: Your brain is tired. You need to get milk, malt or Vegs. Just cool down and stay fit. You can jog or anything but rest. Oats, herbs, fruits are never are cliché. Always feed your body the right amount of nutrients. It’s necessary.
Just so you will be able t afford better means of communication with your mind.

5. Write anyway: If there is a deadline. I would advice you just decline the job or restart, but if you feel it is necessary. Write anyway and later go back and set in structure and cover the mistakes and flow.
Some people on freelance sites I advise you write anyway. Two best sites
• Upwork and •Fiverr

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