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Bad Governance: Welcome to Nigeria

Our Leaders are unnecessarily wicked. Bad Governance is the disease that seems incurable in a country like Nigeria



Bad Governance: Welcome to Nigeria
Let’s talk about The corruption and school strikes

Political corruption everywhere, the rule of law is getting weak by the day. Government effectiveness is at its zero, no more quality, stability or transparency.
Bad Governance according to Wikipedia is the relationship between those who govern and those who are governed as a consequence of decision making.
Some important key points to see
• Lack of Voice
• Political Instability
• No accountability
• Decline in the state of Affairs
• Blind eye to the government

Impacts on the society and the Country at larger

• Corruption increment
•Poor Economic Growth

One full year at home!? And you say school is not a sham? In tears, I reckon some of our plights. What can we do? Something but Nothing, why did I say so? Even though we protest our government is now decaying, they don’t care about us

The bodies of ASUU all blames not on them, but they should be at utmost effort try to consider our plights.
Academic Excellence builds great nations. Nigeria doesn’t live by that.

A government without Care on behalf of the people and still open wide length to say we live in democracy. Let endive the definition of democracy in the case of Nigeria by Arekemase O. I” Democracy in Nigeria may be defined as government of the people, by the elites, essentially in the interest of the elites.” What an irony.

Many factors in place why Nigeria is very scattered: Defective representation is not representative, all to please the elites, no more justice. Corruption and bribery now the order of the day, dictatorial tendencies, and we still say we are in democracy, I laugh in mockery of our motherland.

Frankly speaking, democracy is carried out with sound and effective economy, promotion of people’s interests, minority must also have a say, all should be organized

Leadership and fellowship work hand in hand. Leadership talks about direction, guidance and having the ability to influence good conduct. Encouraging and motivating should be among your adroitness. Leadership starts from the home, family than national level.

Followers we are to be loyal to our leader and cooperate with our leaders. Here in Nigeria we do and still doing it, but our leaders are abusing the power, leading violence, killing us and our future. Destroying the bridge we are building to create a better tomorrow. A country where depression is now the new trend, Welcome to Nigeria!

Some solutions I render
• We should start from fh grassroots
• We should introduce new institutional law and reviews
• Transparency
• We should deal with the Corruption and end it.

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