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Poem: why are you still here

Some of us go through some shifts, but we feel lost at some point. But this my short poem is to enrich lives with hope and better tomorrow



Strangers walking past the dawn of the day. Hallow unto the nights clouds, it peeked. Hmm, I guess I was just hallucinating, mixed. Let me slide it might fall through, confused
Why am I still here?

Abodes of worry, shackles the day’s delight,where are you now? Don’t know. Ben, please help yourself, don’t be a lamp,who can’t take charge until it is asked to go. Why?

Ain’t you tired of walking back, pacing round without a destination,It’s a shame, you stumbled and yet no rising. I won’t be here for you always, look out to see

Darkness covers within what is open to fear, but the time of what we pour out acts before we leap our pains to the eyeing souls to crumble,you be not

Sink deep into your conscience and lift your burden to Him, do you want to know him?If he clears up this my mess, sure!He is our Lord Jesus, The one Almighty God.

Lord and personal Savior, I know Him and still knowing Him. He is the creator. And what you need is to be delivered and all your breakthroughs will be made manifest fully.

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