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Nigeria Banned Twitter

Nigeria Government officially Put an indefinite ban on twitter. I am shocked and saddened. What else is remaining?😒



Twitter Banning in Nigeria:The real truth. On 5 June 2021, The Nigeria Government officially placed an indefinite ban on twitter. Thereby restricting its operations in Nigeria. Nigerians, most of whom have been tweeting, are still tweeting, putting themselves at risk of getting arrested by this so-called government. To tweet you can use the opera mini and download VPN.

Now they are using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to still tweet on a daily basis as if it was not at all affected. They used the platform Opera mini and the VPN to still tweet. It’s so funny. That same day Nigeria Government placed an indefinite ban on twitter they still used that same platform to announce it.

And the so-called Adamu that praised Buhari on what he did used it to announce his 7pm talk on twitter too. Fact still remains here the only people to be very much affected by this ban is the government themselves. I know many businesses might have gone through some changes but the government will go through more plights.

Twitter is one of their avenues for rallies and campaigns.Why was the ban imposed?.

Last week, President Buhari tweeted about the instability and warned the southern eastern people of Nigeria of a potential repeat of the 1967 Biafra civil war, in the south-east. He referred to the 1967-70 Nigerian Civil War and to treating “those misbehaving today” in “the language they will understand”.

After the president faced massive curses and backlash from twitter users for making such comments, Twitter deleted the tweet, accusing the president of violating its rules.

The Nigeria government was mad and filled with rage and accused Twitter of double standards by ignoring tweets by Nnamdi KANU, the exiled leader of the banned Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) group, which it said encouraged the killing of police personnel.But it’s very funny. How will they be comparing the two, For God sake Buhari is the president.

Why compare with Nnamdi KANU. I later found out some news going on that in some parts of Nigeria, people are being searched on the roads to see if they still tweet on twitter. The government hasn’t uttered a word about this.

Normally, Twitter is one of the main platforms to break news of arrests, bail and acquittal, and to rally public support against security force action.So annoying and feared concerning the courts weakness as it affects the ones who may be taken to prison will stay for longer times than expected.

What has been the effect of the ban? It has affected the government more.

Honestly the report claims it has been used on several and countless times to help the poor, raise funds and scholarships. Best mobilising tool ever.

Even the Nigeria Government knows about this medium.
So funny the same president that banned Twitter went on twitter to announce they have banned Twitter.
NTA and some churches used it as well.

Trump himself congratulates Buhari for what he did. Trump during his reign in the white house of being the president of the United States was also suspended and got his tweets deleted by Twitter.

Why is our Government this wicked?

But the thing I am still wondering is how fast Nigeria Government in one day held a press conference and took action. Why then does it take long to solve cases😳, protest views and opinions of the peopleIt is obvious they are just being to us the citizens

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