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Multiple Ways To Make Money Online

Grow your business and make more money online



Making Money Online is the new oil. Stress free and more Safe. The truth about it is hardwork and dexterity.

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Multiple Ways To Make Money Online

These are some of the realisi

  •      With just your smartphone and a laptop all will be set. How do you see it, Great right?

Ways to Earn Money Online

Hi guys. 

Making money online is for you students, Graduates, housewives, those not satisfied with their salary and are willing to make more from their skills and talents. 

Below are more than 20 things you can do to make more money online. 

•Create a YouTube Channel:

Creating a YouTube Channel is much easier than I thought..

You can just create yours and you will love it. Click the link below to watch my YouTube video on how easy it is to create your own channel. Very easy and adequate..

The only delay is you getting 1000 subscribers and 4000 watched hours. Then YouTube will get your channel monetized and you will be making your money. 

•Create Digital Course:

Digital Course is your artwork. Your information, knowledge, ideas inside a book. You have an expertise in that area and you are willing to share your ideas to the world. And you are sure of making millions from it. A book, an e-book or a class. 

•Sell Adverts

Advertising is a very good way to make cool cash. Try Facebook ads and all. And trust me people will be so willing to pay you to help them advertise their products or anything that will help their business. 

•Sell your online Services:

Each and everyone of us have different gifts. Service is the act done to others. So learn adequately in your area of specialization and let people know about it to pay you. My friend does design on clothes and billboards let them know about it. 

•Resell Web Hosting:

Those who have ideas on websites and are maybe software developers, you can start engaging yourself with the demand in the market and sell hosting sites to different bloggers or affiliate marketers.

•Email Marketing

I know you do get this sometimes, emails with your name and they were to educate you on something. They are email marketers one time or the other you subscribed to their email list so you will get messages from them with your name there.

•Freelance Writer

I am still doing this and other stuff. And believe me you, you will get paid well. Freelancing writing is for you if you can write creatively and strategically. 

In case you don’t have the app(LinkedIn) Download it on Play store(android) or Apple store(iPhone). 

Register and sign up for a job alert. 

Different jobs will be coming to you. 

•Freelance sites(Fiverr, Upwork):

Fiverr and Upwork are freelance sites. You can also get them on the store app download and install on your phone and register. 

You will sell your gigs and get paid a huge amount of money. Not just within your country. Different people will contact and reach you to get one thing or the other for them. Many ways to make money online..

•Teach English:

Not for everyone though, I did this for a month or so and stopped. I got really busy with other stuff. So, if you know you are fluent and know how to speak English Language I will advise you to enroll and teach willing students. Two good sites I will recommend

✓ Teach Away

✓ English Hunt

•Become an online coach:

Online coaches like me, we do make a really good amount of money. So can you. Online if you know how to engage the right and genuine audience. Be real, don’t forget your brand is your uniqueness. 

Try publishing Kindle books

Without the help of any website, you can do great at it. And believe me you. You are a lot more great if you just start now to achieve. Get it published

•Sell web design: For the ones in website environment and style. 

•Templates to blog

Those that have ideas concerning blog and designs. They do sell and make a pretty good amount of money. 

•Domain sellers

It’s basically still the same but different. Selling domain names to those who can’t figure out a name for their brand. 

•Sell your products on Amazon

Amazon is always ready to pay you for adding and selling through them. Anything you are so free to do. 

•Handmade Products

What C’s. You create with your hands. I have seen young ladies making sandals, creams and soaps. 

Think of it. 

•Become a website Developer:

Software developers are making millions from the comfort of their homes. I have a friend who makes millions from staying indoors. He created websites. They are the programmers. Next generation should learn this,this generation should too. 

•Invest in Crypto currency:

The new oil. And I heard a lot of people saying it’s way too high. Let me tell you I didn’t have 100k when I started but I did. Little as 20k or 10k. 

•Become an Instagram Influencer

You’ve gotten so many followers, you can make a pretty good amount of money from influencing. Brands will be able to work with you. 

•Social Media Management:

Sometimes you do see people on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube talking about the things, filters or what you don’t know in your social web. Talking about hacks or other things. They are social media managers. 

•Create a Podcast

You have a great voice and ideas to pour out. Turn your voice to a magic spell of healing. Make your voice a dream away from worries. I just started. 

•Graphic designing

I just enrolled for this class. Pretty hard but worth it. You too can do it if you are ready. You can learn it from YouTube or pay for the class. If you have a laptop, good luck. People will pay you huge amounts of money for just a logo. 

•Sell your arts and designs

I have seen many artists and stylists making money. Join sites that are enabled and ready to pay you if you offer to sell enough. 

•Sponsored Posts and Links

Given the chance to talk about someone product or service in their website is called sponsored posts 

•Google AdSense

You most times come to a website or an app or watch a YouTube video and a different thing pops up. That’s an add. So Google AdSense pay you per click. 

•Display Ads:

 Is almost like Google AdSense but it isn’t. Why, display ads pay you whether or not the users click but AdSense but be a click..

•Network Marketing

I am also a network marketer for two different telecommunications industries. I get paid by commission. If you communicate well and write well, this wouldn’t even look like work to you. It will be so easy. And much better. Those services you can as well sell it yourself and use it and get double commissions. 

•Type for Cash: 

Fast typist, y’all come out and go for this. I would love to do this. I type very fast. And most profoundly I even use my phone, but I am so busy with other stuff.

•Become a Copywriter: 

Am also a copywriter, due to my growing business. I learnt many ways on how to sell like a pro. Copywriting is the ability to capture and engage many people to buy something from you or someone. 

•Become an affiliate Marketer:

 Affiliate marketing is a means of selling someone else’s course or expertise and you will get a huge commission from it. 


What I am doing is simply blogging. I am trying to educate and inform you. 

You can choose from anyone and use

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You are different and special. So ignite your fire. Success and greatness go hand in hand. So be greatly successful. I believe in you. To have come here to learn how to become a successful student, then I believe you will become more. 

I pray for goodness and wonderful blessings to locate you and family. 

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