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Startups Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid

business Owners learn and seek knowledge



These are some common mistakes small business owners and entrepreneurs should avoid.

Small business mistakes or rather most common small business Mistakes. Read below to get enlightened.

Some mistakes business owners make that they end up begging their clients

1.You act way too desperate

They can see it. They will definitely feel this vibe. Learn to achieve it with a purposeful goal. Talk to them about it. And enlighten them. Be like a guest. Acting desperate is letting them know you are weak and without them you won’t gain at all. Desperation kills. 

Desperation leads to depression. It will stress level and lower your self esteem. Don’t forget your business is your reputation. How well you relate with your clients or customers speaks about you. God or bad it will taunt you knowing your business is not spoken well about. And when it gets to that level of feeling bad and unsatisfied. Depression kicks in. Suicidal thoughts and misleading thoughts. 

Watch those mistakes to avoid begging your clients to buy your goods. 

2.You don’t relate with your customers:

 let me tell you, most people would rather buy from someone they know and trust than from any sales person or representative. 

The same we relate to life and our experiences we can concur. The depth of our mindset is how well we look at ourselves. Make your customers laugh. If you are happy, you can also ignite this fire to your clients. “You give only what you have”, don’t forget that. 

3.You are bombarding them with all the benefits:

Try to be fair and teach them. Educate them. I know you might think when they know too much of the contents they might want to buy the product. But I disagree with a few reasons. Humans are good devices of solutions. When they know the whole stuff or importance of the product. They will overlook the necessity of it in daily life. Supposedly, you forgot the internet. I mean Google is now the teacher. Don’t make this mistake you will only end up begging your clients. 

4. You talk way too much

You might not know this yet. If you check your conversation and chats with your recent  failed Customers you will see this very flaw. Talking way too much to someone when you don’t really know them. It makes the product more shaming even if it is not. 

 PS. Watch your tenses

Only a manipulator uses this word” Buy now or Else”. This phrase kills the momentum if at all, you were already getting them to buy. It sure does. Sell to them as if you are selling to the president. They are your food and no food, remember. 

5. You don’t listen:

 Many business owners, Content writers or content creators( Graphic designer, Digital Creator). Your ears should be open to feedbacks. Those are your reliance. Try to learn this phrase” Customer is always right”. With this in check, you will always use the right methods to pass through the means that allow you to succeed. If you don’t do this you will be one of the victims of Begging your clients or Customers to buy form you. Learn and apply these simple tips. 

Sometimes we conclude in our judgments that we want to sell, they need it to solve a problem. Truly yes they do, but learn to apply wisdom to achieve such success. 

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