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Mistakes You Need To Avoid in Your First Year of College

Freshmam Advice



Freshman Advice

Mistakes To Avoid In Your First Year of College

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Mistakes First Year Students Are Most Likely To Face. 

I will highlight Seven (7) of them which you need to be aware of and work your way through them. This article is from my heart to my friends and those who care to be enlightened. I love sharing vital information, likewise this. Continue reading, or you are guilty of the statement”students no longer read”.

Always remember true leaders are readers. 

Is not going to the university that will build you or start your journey but your determination and truth in your actions. 

The best way to achieve anything is to know what you want. Freshers are confused and fall for anything.  Many students fall prey and end up doing nothing useful in school. Well, your gal Precious is here to share with you relatable views and tips and what you need to flee from. And come out with good grades all through. I must see you in a convocation gown with a big smile. 

 These are few of the mistakes:

1. More attention to your dressing:

 I know darling is it important to dress well, but it shouldn’t be your focus while in school. Remember you went there to study. You left to make yourself and your loved ones proud not to look good. So, darling please be careful and act wise. 

2. Now it all attitude:

First years students can be hilarious and lost and yet will still be acting as if they have landed. The know-it-all attitude is deadly. It kills faster than a bullet. Precious quote

“Questions get you enlightened and answers will keep you informed”. 

So my diary asks questions. Let go of your ego. It’s not going to help you at all. 

3. Not saying big No to distractions:

I fell for it at one point during my first year, but thank God I know I have bigger dreams. So, I drew closer to God for guidance. I started spending more intimate time with my Bible, not just my books. I started going for prayer sessions. Making good acquaintances who I know will build me spiritually and academically. Families are a great source of help to us. We should honour them. 

Precious quote “Your family is like a reminder, they affect your decision”. I also made sure to be close to my family and relatives. Let me advise you, when you feel you are going astray, seek counsel. Be calling your parents, guardians and loved ones. It truly helps, you will always be watchful of  your ways, because you will be convinced enough to be better for them. 

4. Social life:

This can be really underrated but be careful. Your circle of friends speaks languages. If you mingle more with great and talented students, of course you will be inspired to do more yourself. More on it. Be careful what you post on Facebook or Instagram and the rest. Your content does matter, what does it say about you? Precious quote “Your content is way higher than your container (outlook)”.  

5. Pleasing Everyone:

Deadly as it sounds. Please don’t fall victim. I know with the trends of things, University is the place to lose your identity. A wise one man once said”The key to failure is to please everyone”. If you know you went to school to make a difference, be yourself and create creativity within you. Your competition is meant to you and yourself. Beware of these mistakes in your first year in the university. 

6. Skipping classes:

Advice yourself, who are you deceiving? Gal 6:7 says “Do not be deceived whatever you sow you shall reap” Are you doing the right thing. I pity some students who still see reasons to do this very act of stupidity. One major bad side to this is that it will stick to you. You will get used to it and end up blaming others. Whatever you won’t like your children to do, don’t do it. You are already an adult. 

7. Not taking GST serious:

GST simply means General Studies. GST is a must course for everyone. I know it’s easy to pass and also hard to fail whichever way you pick you will know how well it will affect you. 

Some students still play with this very course. I laugh in French, let me tell a secret. In some Institutions, you must pass the GST before you graduate. So it’s up to you. 

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You are different and special. So ignite your fire. Success and greatness go hand in hand. So be greatly successful. I believe in you. To have come here to learn how to become a successful student, then I believe you will become more. 

I pray for goodness and wonderful blessings to locate you and family. 

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