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Let’s Join Hands and End Racism

Black Lives Matter



Read this poem to get more insight. This poem is about black lives matter. Communist views to end Racism. Lets end it and Blue lives.

Black lives matter. On the neck of George Floyd he said I can’t breathe but no attention
because he’s black.

A faux pus punishable by death,born into black life is hate within
Now we have killer corps, pull the trigger to a black man,you have not just killed the black man
but killed his family,his son,

his daughter in high school his wife and left them nothing
But yet the corps go scot-free, racism is real,thug life “remember the hate u give little infants
f**** everyone”.

An invidious disease. my skin is my weapon but yet everyday I sleep in pain
because of my skin, awaken us from this slumber an ignorant slumber

Homicide becoming genocide, they kill our hopes and Innocence
bloody knees we begged and pleaded we aren’t the culprits but the victims

But paid no attention, yet another corpse. We grieve such loss, will it ever end
We can’t breathe, the pain so so heavy we are exhausted, they call us coloured

in sun we are black in all emotions we are black, in sickness we are still black but you white
fellas in sun you are red, you blush it on paint, in sickness you are blue but still got the right to
call us coloured, what a pity! Racism the killer of hopes. Rebirth to suicide

Racism is a disease. The life we live is way too beautiful to be sick

This led to the Loud cry of #blacklivesmatter. Lets end Racism before it’s too late. The cry of Martin Luther king: that he hoped go a generation to come where his children will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.

Racism is a killer of hope and we don’t find a solution to end it. It will always haunt us to the dawn of days. Amanda gorman said in her poem. The hill we climb. We are waiting and protesting not because we want to see it immediately happening. We want it to happen. We know it might take time. But we look forward to it.

And it’s the clear truth. Racism is a pandemic. A disease eating deep down the roots of they system. We look forward for a better future.

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