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Copywriting Tools and Rules

Tools and rules for every young copywriting. You are starting out. So learn some of my beginners guide



Copywriting tools and Rules. Introduction:

Copywriting made easy:
The ability to generate more sales
Copywriting in my own definition is *The optimal and best use of language to persuade, convince and generate great amount of sales.

The ability to write copies that generates sales is one of the most profitable skills any
entrepreneur can have…because it gives you almost supernatural power.

The power to be able to convince and persuade people to buy your goods and services. To be able to pull out their wallets to purchase your solutions, (Or do whatever you want).
In this little e-book,
I’ll be coaching you on hints to get the 10 resources that will surely help pump up
your copywriting skills.
For a fact copywriting isn’t that easy persay, but my dear it is a goal getter.
These same resources helped me then and now.
then of course, They will help you too.
I know very few people might think just reading my ebook will scale you through this journey of closing sales every hour/minutes, no it doesn’t work that way darlings.

But I do know it will make a change for you by reading and writing down persay you must be implementing all the 10 resources to make that your dream come true.
Thank you 😊!
For now try to get there very few copywriting tools.
Remember if you want to cut down a tree, take hours sharpening the axe.

1. Copyai
2. Hemingway app
3. Merriam Webster
4. Evernote
5. 750 words
6. Airstray
7. Copyscape
8. Pomodorontamer
9. Google docs
10. Pocket
11. Headline
12. Grammarly.

I used and I’m still using them.

Simple Copywriting Rules
1. Benefits:
When writing Copywriters focus more on the benefits. Will all want to know what we are spending money on.
In a nutshell, copywriting that
focuses on benefits is more persuasive, more compelling and sells better.
We can define benefits very simply: Benefits are the good things that a product or service does. You will need to elighten them on the benefit and should be like a promise. Something of worth value.
a. Meeting a need:
That is your first purpose. Does your product provide solutions?
Does it solve a problem?
This questions are necessary.

b.Your best customers are the ones who are looking for what you’re selling, so make
sure you cover the basics by confirming to them that you’ve got what they want. Making your copy too clever can sometimes obscure what you’re actually offering, which is fatal and not necessary.

2. Focusing on the customer: The ideal fits for you and the buyer persona. Know this your customer is also thinking how does this thing relates to me?. They are also asking themselves about the necessity. Don’t want any liability but assets.

3. Compliment your customer: I mean it. I do sell car designs. I will most times compliment the car and tell them what I have to make it much more exortic.

4. Honesty: It applies everywhere. Honesty is the best policy. No matter what don’t neglect the power of truth. It will build you both within your business and relationships. Some customers that didn’t even buy may be your benefactor.

5. Talk like you write: This key is essential. Very essential. You will learn the basics and be a guru at it.
Quite simple but efficient. The same way you read novels it will predominantly seem as though the person is narrating it to you subconsciously. Write you copy lie that too.

6. The right attitude: Your attitude is everything. Your main target is to please your customer to buy what you sell right. Then be respectful. Stay positive. When you are desperate they will know it.

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