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Best Advice For Every Law Undergraduate. A Must Know.



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Law is beautiful

Best Advice For Every Law Undergraduate. A Must Know.

Best Advice For Every Law Undergraduate. A Must Know.

I believe many Aspiring legal studies students would definitely love to go through what is actually necessary to blend well with the status quo. Best Advice For Every Law Undergraduate. A Must Know.

Your dream is achievable

You are moving to another world entirely where you are the president and the follower. 

There are deeper reasons behind our decision to practice law. 

If you go past the surface, you’ll see that law has an impact on everyone in the world in whatever they do.

How and where we live is governed by laws.

Why should you think about a legal career? There are numerous reasons to pursue a legal career, and prospective law students should be aware of them. Especially considering there is employment for everyone.

The need to be enlightened is necessary

 We have laws that allow us to make things right when someone causes us grief or loss (intentionally or negligently). 

There is nothing more fulfilling than working in the profession of law if we want a job that has a significant impact on the customers we represent.

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Have in mind, your pocket must be full not with any excuse. 

You must buy the school’s handout which in a way guarantees your success. 

Legal studies students face more challenges when it comes to the money aspect. 

They ain’t able to even feed well, because of the higher cost of living.  Best Advice For Every Law Undergraduate. A Must Know.

Law Students are really trying to meet up everyday with the standards of the normal societal views of how lawyers behave which is detrimental to few legal studies students self esteem. 

They change their friends and acquaintances just so as to make people see them as high or different.

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I had to learn


Black and White is the code for legal studies students, you must get used to it. 

Whether or not you like it. It doesn’t matter, so far you’ve made up your mind to study law, keep to the standards. 

That’s the uniform for every legal studies student. Well, females sometimes go to lectures with black gowns. 

You will need to start changing your wardrobe immediately before you get to the higher institution. 

I did that before I even got admitted. 

I was already buying black and white shirt and skirt so as to get the feel of it. And yes, it worked. Best Advice For Every Law Undergraduate. A Must Know.

it’s very important

If you need a hand ask


Not your normal one hour study in high school, but close to five to eight hours.

Legal studies students are very good at this. 

Learning and utilizing all these you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can pick up the main points of an article or locate essential sections from a case. 

Just be prepared for the long evenings ahead, when you’ll need to stay up late to finish an unending reading list. 

You must meet up. Everyday you should read.

“Know something about everything and everything about something”

That’s the key. 

Whether its Science or Commercially related you should have an idea of what is about to be able to stand put. 

Every event that takes place has a law. So you are able to maneuver with some of them.

One step at a time


In the lecture hall when the awareness is being spread, learn to keep notes. 

Always as neat as possible. You must learn how to keep notes when the lecture is going on. 

Take notes. Listen carefully and attentively. If you feel you can’t be able to keep notes and at the same time listen. 

No problem. Find what works best for you. That’s my own advice. 

Really necessary, it helps you to recollect more on what was actually going on.

Have an organized routine to learn



When you talk they feel your aura of high intelligence. 

It really helps to pave the way for young scholars. It will build and enable you to be more articulate.

Everyone is entitled to legal protection.

A person interested in pursuing a profession in law should be capable of reading and comprehending written text, writing, and giving oral presentations. 

They do happen, but they are (nearly) as common as you want them to be; if you manage your time correctly, you will never be assigned more work than you can handle. 

They should be meticulous and persistent. This is not a field where shortcuts are permitted. 

In the field of law in which they choose to practice, they should have compassion and strong fundamental principles.

Start watching shows with lawyers and Judges jurisprudence you will find one or two to pick and act on.

Read law recommended books. 

Ask questions from your older predecessors and the still ones in school with great accomplishment and achievement. 

It’s up to you to succeed.

Always have a strategy


It covers nearly all the legal terminologies which you need to be acquainted with. 

Making a schedule for yourself to get your reading done, as well as any other assignments you’ve been given, is an easy habit to develop.

Your everyday vocabularies should blend with languages and terms of a lawyer.

I started studying the Black’s Law Dictionary since when I was in SS 2

Before I got to 2nd year. I was already a lawyer with the terminologies.


You will.tell the story

You will have to make this a habit. Everyday to check what’s up with your country. 

Any project consult your phone and Dictionary to find the answers.


Now is the time to start looking at colleges and programs that will help you go where you want to go. 

Early on in your career, gain experience.

Prepare well ahead of time.

Know what you want

what do you want?


Keep in mind who you associate with and be judicious about what you put online. 

What may appear to be a harmless prank could end up haunting you in the future.

Keep in mind that most law schools will look up your web reputation, so keep it clean.


There is a significant disparity between what people believe lawyers make and what they actually earn. Law school teaches you how to apply what you’ve learned. 

However, how you use that knowledge to make a living is determined on the area of law in which you specialize.

I felt this way too

11. Everyone will try to take advantage of you by obtaining free legal advice.

If I had to count the number of times a friend asked a legal question, I’d be a very wealthy man.

There is also a week where you study about the legal implications of giving advice and assuming responsibility for its accuracy. 

Casual remarks in social contexts are often recognized as not falling into this category, but once law students read about these cases, they instantly quit wanting to give any kind of legal advice!

Its going to be easy

I learnt more about this on 

“Life as a Law Student: 7 Things You Really Have to Know – Oxford Royale Academy” https://www.oxford-royale.com/articles/life-as-a-law-student/

All of this, of course, implies that you have a thorough understanding of the field of law your friends are interested in, which is rarely the case because law degrees are more theoretical than practical.

People believe that law students are bubbling reservoirs of knowledge of the law who can be evaluated whenever they choose. 

This is untrue. I’m not familiar with the legal complexities of internet libel. I’m afraid I won’t be able to assist you with terminating your cell phone contract. If you’ve slain a man, I’m afraid I can’t help you! Even if you do offer advice, always include disclaimers.

You won’t know now


You’re continuously competing with your classmates for the top grades in law school. Some law schools use a bell curve for grading, so your grades are directly related to how the rest of the year goes. 

Some students become incredibly defensive and will go to any length for personal advantage at the expense of others. Although it is uncommon, law school can be akin to being on “

The Apprentice,” where you compete against others in a high-pressure setting with backstabbing and drama!

More Tips

Best Advice For Every Law Undergraduate. A Must Know.

Take advantage of the situation! There are many extracurricular activities available to law students that can be quite gratifying for both yourself and others.

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 “Tips For Aspiring Law School Students | Empowerly” https://empowerly.com/blog/tips-for-aspiring-law-school-students

Read on them

Expect more Best Advice For Every Law Undergraduate. A Must Know.

If you want to do pro bono work, most law schools have a program in place; make sure you try mooting (a mock appeal trial in which you pretend to be a barrister) because, while scary, it improves your public speaking skills; and take advantage of any opportunity to gain the type of legal experience you want.

Go out for internships be it virtual or physical. Competitions and moot advocacy get involved with it, let your mind be open for all these. 

Lawyers must be proficient writers. Preparing legal files and delivering written legal arguments are among their responsibilities. 

During their studies, law students must demonstrate their capacity to construct concise, coherent legal arguments.

Additionally, you will be expected to attend many classes and take notes. Prior to beginning law school, work on improving your note-taking and organizational skills.

This will ensure that you can document all of the information you require throughout your classes and maintain all pertinent information in one place in your notes.

Obtaining a legal degree is difficult, and there will be times when you doubt your decision, but your law degree will qualify you for chances that no other degree can provide. 

Because the law is a constantly evolving and growing entity, there are numerous job options. 

Best Advice For Every Law Undergraduate. A Must Know.

You’ve got this covered

For already law undergraduates here are some take home tips. 

1. There is money in this legal profession

I know some very few people who told me about why they joined this profession because of the money. They never knew it was actually different.Best Advice For Every Law Undergraduate. A Must Know.

No profession guarantees financial stability, same goes for the legal profession.

2. Some were told the prestige ehh: Nothing is there, my dear is you don’t have money then nothing is worth it

My dear no matter the prestige you will get it is not enough to scale through the rigours of life. Your salute won’t pay your bills. 

Getting easier

3: People would rather hail and hype you than hire you

That’s the real truth, nobody wants their money in our pocket. They grip with fear, so would I too. That’s the real truth.

Best Advice For Every Law Undergraduate. A Must Know.

4. Social Life:

The stigma and discrimination you will face over times will be disheartening so you will have to build yourself well enough to pass. 

Your services are always needed, whether you desire to improve the world, fight injustice, or enjoy the intricate and lucrative work of corporate law.

Congratulations for making the decision to take this step. You’re only a few steps away from landing the job of your dreams.

Books to read

Books for Law Undergraduates

About Law – Tony Honoré

Landmarks in law by Lord Denning

Letters to a law student by Nicolas McBribe.

Best Advice For Every Law Undergraduate. A Must Know.

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